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Tools: Lifespan DB
Lifespan Observation Database

Search our database of lifespan measurements made across hundreds of publications.

Yeast Outgrowth Data Analyzer

Analyze growth curves for doubling time and relative survivals.

Quantifying Yeast Chronological Lifespan by Outgrowth of Aged Cells

Posted by Brady Olsen on 3 November 2011

Video tutorial for a high-throughput method for quantitative measurement of chronological life span. This method involves aging the cells in a defined medium under agitation and at constant temperature. At each age-point, a sub-population of cells is removed from the aging culture and inoculated into rich growth medium. A high-resolution growth curve is then obtained for this sub-population of aged cells using a Bioscreen C MBR machine. An algorithm is then applied to determine the relative proportion of viable cells in each sub-population based on the growth kinetics at each age-point.

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